Friday, June 19, 2009

My West Virginia Boy

Okay. He's not a boy. He's a man. The man I married 17 years ago this September.

I don't live in WV anymore, but anyone who was born and raised in WV knows it stays in your blood. That's why I'm glad I married a West Virginia Boy. I think God knew I wouldn't have been happy with anybody else.

Things I love about my WV Boy:

1. He can work 40+ hours a week in a white collar job, but still fix anything around my house. He fixed my washer last night and my dryer a few weeks ago. It's great to have someone so handy. I have friends whose husbands are not. That gets expensive.

2. He loves to camp and fish with my son. It's surprising how few kids get to do that nowadays! And he helps coach my son's baseball team every season without complaint, though often it means going straight from the office to stand on the field for another 3 hours!

3. His blood runs blue and old gold, so I know I can never make him angrier than he gets when WVU is losing a football game.

4. He loves WV as much as I do and therefore understands me.

5. WV men make great dads and I know my son will also be a great dad because of the example his father is setting.

Happy Father's Day to my WV Boy!


HEATHER said...

I have to tell you that my mom who was born in WVA and lived there for the first twelve years of her life, still tells people that she is from West Virginia even though she has lived in Kentucky for fifty years! In your blood is right!

A. said...

Amen. WV boys make the best husbands, better fathers and most excellent friends.