Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What to do with all those WV postcards

I love to buy postcards when I am in WV. I don't send them to people. I put them on my fridge.

So, after many years living away from the Mountain State, my fridge is cluttered with various postcards showing the New River Gorge Bridge, a pretty mountain road in the fall, or some other site that reminds me of my home state when I am opening the freezer to grab the ice cream.

Oh, I mean reaching for the cut up fruit/yogurt/salad. I'm on a diet. Forget that ice cream stuff.

Anyway, Shannon has a good idea of what to do with all those postcards! She suggests framing them as a great reminder of a place that means a lot to you.

I'm going to frame all of mine and hang them in the living room. At least then they'll stop falling off the freezer door every time I reach for the Turtle Tracks.

Oh, I mean the refrigerator door whenever I reach for the fruit, or yogurt, or salad.

Hee hee.


A. said...

Now I want ice cream.

Tina said...

A. - I've been craving ice cream ever since I put that picture up!